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For Investors
For Entrepreneurs
General Questions

For Investors

1. How many investors attend each CVF event?
It varies; generally 5-20.

2. What opportunities are there for investors to review potential deals?
Investors are invited to attend CVF events and meet entrepreneurs before and after our meetings. Aside from these opportunities, CVF does not have an organized system for reviewing potential deals. Investors will also meet other investors at our meetings who may have deals available for review.

3. What kinds of investors generally attend CVF meetings?
Both angel investors and venture capitalists attend CVF meetings.

4. What criteria does CVF employ to identify qualified investment opportunities?
CVF does not accept, screen, or endorse any investment opportunities.

5. Can I attend a Coronado Ventures Forum meeting without being identified as a potential investor?
Yes. There is no need to state your reason for attending our meetings.

6. Why should a potential investor attend the Coronado Ventures Forum meetings?
It is an opportunity to meet other investors and to learn about interesting companies that are seeking investment.

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For Entrepreneurs

1. Does the CVF invest in companies?
CVF does not invest in companies. CVF’s mission is to bring investors and entrepreneurs together in an educational environment.

2. How many investors attend each CVF event?
It varies; generally 5-20. The mix is angel investors and venture capitalists.

3. Does the CVF charge for companies to present?
No, there is no charge to present although there is an entrance fee of $20 (registration in advance) for everyone who attends CVF meetings.

4. Does CVF refer entrepreneurs to investors?

5. What resources are available to entrepreneurs preparing for presentations at CVF meetings?
CVF board members on The Entrepreneur’s Forum committee assist entrepreneurs by advising and reviewing presentations for the Entrepreneur’s Forum. These board members are available to provide other recommended resources when needed and if available.

6. Are there other programs and activities for New Mexico entrepreneurs in addition to making a presentation at a CVF meeting?
Please see our links in the sidebar on any page.

7. Is this a venue for entrepreneurs to get Angel money?
Angel investors do attend our meetings. You may have the opportunity of meeting angel investors if you attend a CVF event. Meeting an angel investor does not guarantee that you will get Angel money.

8. Will Coronado Ventures Forum assist in the preparation of my business plan?
No, CVF does not assist in the preparation of business plans. Please check our links to find out who can assist you with your plan.

9. How does CVF help me raise money for my business?
Coronado Ventures Forum is not a broker, an investment bank, or a venture capital firm. As such, CVF cannot and does not make any representations to entrepreneurs that their participation in the program will result in funding. However, CVF does bring investors and entrepreneurs together for networking and educational programs that provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to not only learn about the issues associated with raising money, but the chance to meet potential sources of funding.

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General Questions

1.What is CVF and what is the organization’s mission?
Please see the About section, which discusses CVF and our mission.

2. Can anyone attend?
Anyone can attend the meetings. Please note however, that the primary attendees are investors, entrepreneurs and service providers to entrepreneurs.

3. How will I know about meetings and speakers?
Please join our mailing list (see the form in the sidebar on any page). We offer an RSS feed (“subscribe” button in the top right corner of every page) so you can keep up-to-date with all new postings to this website. We also encourage you to check this website regularly as we update it as events and information is announced.

4. Is there a membership?
There is no membership in CVF. We are a non-profit organization that is supported by sponsorships and attendance at our meetings.

5. What does a sponsorship cost?
We have three levels of sponsorships: Platinum: $5000; Gold: $1500; Silver: $500. In certain cases, we accept in-kind donations.

6. What is the cost to attend a Coronado Ventures Forum meeting?
$20 if paid advance reservation is made via the website; credit cards accepted. $25 at the door if no advance registration made; cash or check only.

7. How long has Coronado Ventures Forum been in existence?
Since 1994.

8. Is Coronado Ventures Forum a legal entity?
Yes, CVF is a corporation.

9. When and where does CVF meet?
Coronado Ventures Forum generally meets on the third Thursday of each odd month (January, March, May, July, September, November). Meeting locations rotate among Santa Fe, Bernalillo, and Albuquerque. Meetings begin at 6:00 PM and conclude by 8:00 PM. Each meeting offers networking, appetizers, and guest presentations.

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