Coronado Ventures Forum (CVF) was founded in 1994 in response to the need in New Mexico to educate investors and entrepreneurs on the process of early-stage, private equity funding, and to provide a gathering point for these two communities to come together and network. The organization’s goals are twofold:


  • To educate investors, potential investors, and entrepreneurs on critical issues in relation to identifying, investigating, and attracting growth financing.
  • To inform investors about local business opportunities.
  • To acquaint early-stage growth companies about investor requirements and expectations.


  • To promote networking within the financial community and between investors, potential investors, and entrepreneurs in New Mexico.
  • To showcase both promising, and successful, start-up ventures to the local business community.

New Mexico has long been a land of contrasts, from the rapid change of the region’s weather to the unique mix of old-world culture and next-generation technologies. Nowhere within New Mexico is this more relevant than the Rio Grande Valley, where the charm, history, and tradition of the nation’s oldest city live among some of the leading academic and research institutions of the world.

In 1540, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, then Governor of the Mexican province of New Galicia, set out in search of the fabled golden city of Cibola. His search led him to New Mexico. And while Coronado’s quest for gold was ultimately unsuccessful, entrepreneurs, investors, and high-tech visionaries of today are finding new treasures in the tremendous technology resources of New Mexico. With over $3 billion in annual Research and Development expenditures, New Mexico, and the middle Rio Grande Valley in particular, running from Socorro in the South to Los Alamos in the North, represents an unmatched source of leading edge technology. The challenge now, as it was in Coronado’s time, is to most efficiently extract and develop those resources to create wealth in our local communities.

In 1994, community and regional leaders came together to build upon that strength of diversity to create a new community of technology entrepreneurs and “tech-savvy” investors. The ultimate goal of the founding members and sponsors was to generate the wealth and economic prosperity that have been enjoyed in other regions of the country, such as Silicon Valley, Route 128 in Boston, and Austin. The result was the Coronado Ventures Forum (CVF), a unique, non-profit corporation that focuses on development, education, and networking opportunities not just for entrepreneurs, but for the existing and potential angel and professional investors, the important other component to the creation of successful start-ups.