May 17, 2007: Aerospace/Aviation: What are the opportunities for New Mexico?

May 17, 2007

in Aviation & Aerospace,Investing

James Glover, Co-Founder/Partner, “The Idea Group”:
Scott Tyson, President and Chief Technology Officer, “SES Consultants,Inc”:
John T. McGraw, Professor, “University of New Mexico”:, Adaptive optics and interferometry; galactic astronomy
Davin Lopez, Vice President, Business Development, “New Mexico Partnership”:

The spaceport is coming, “Eclipse Aviation”: is delivering planes, and aerospace start-ups are surfacing all over New Mexico. Aerospace/Aviation is the hottest new investment frontier and New Mexico is leading the way in Aerospace/Aviation research, technology, and innovation. Our emerging companies are the future and creating a dynamic landscape for growth and financial opportunity.

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