January 18, 2007: Start-Up Strategies Clinic

January 18, 2007

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There are many exciting technologies surfacing in New Mexico. The “Strategies Clinic” gave insight into what it takes to turn a “raw” technology into a company. Following a 10-minute presentation, audience members participated in small brainstorming groups on IP, marketing, and fundraising strategies before making final recommendations to the presenters.

Presenting Technology
BROOM Software – A software-based tool developed by Sandia National Laboratories for managing the collection, visualization, and analysis of environmental sampling data. The system was developed to help decision makers during the planning phase and throughout actual cleanup operations to speed up reoccupation and return to service of contaminated buildings and facilities. The tool provides an efficient and scientifically defensible approach to planning and executing sampling and cleanup activities. To date, there has been no comprehensive system for handling and assisting with this process. Read the “BROOM Software news release here”:http://www.sandia.gov/news/resources/releases/2006/broom-commercial.html.

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