July 18, 2002: Deal Structure – How to *Write* the Fine Print

July 18, 2002

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Robert von Goeben, Managing Director Starter Fluid, San Francisco, CA

As many investors have learned the hard way in the past 2 years, valuation is only one of the relevant factors to consider in structuring an investment that will succeed in the long-term. Good term sheets create a win-win relationship for both the investor and the entrepreneur. In this presentation, Robert will draw on his professional experience investing in seed-stage technology companies to describe what to look for in a term sheet from an investor’s perspective.
Robert von Goeben is Starter Fluid’s founder and lead investment director.

Prior to starting Starter Fluid, Robert was a founding director of Redleaf Venture Management, one of Silicon Valleys first Internet-only venture funds. Robert has an MBA from the University of Southern California and a BA in Mathematics from the State University of New York.

Download the power point presentation.

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