May 16, 2002: Valuation: Art, Science, or Mysticism?

May 16, 2002

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Ram Shriram, Founder & Managing Partner Sherpalo Ventures, Saratoga, CA

Ram discussed the dramatic changes in company valuations over the past three years. He pointed out several tools for investors in researching potential portfolio companies, and discussed the most common negotiables on a typical term sheet. Ram Shriram started Sherpalo in January 2000. Sherpalo’s strength lies in turning entrepreneur’s dreams into lasting profitable businesses.

Ram Shriram was an officer at, reporting to Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO until September 1999. Ram was an early member of the Netscape executive team joining them in late 1994 where he built Netscape’s indirect channels of distribution worldwide, and managed several hundred people across three continents producing well over half of Netscape’s $346 million in revenue in ’96. Ram currently serves on the boards of, Yodlee (a next generation personalization engine), Elance (digital delivery of services), and (outsourced remote services).

Download the power point presentation.

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